Listening to the Rain and Other Things

Hello all!  Tonight I sit in my recliner listening to the sound of the falling rain.  It’s been awhile since we have had thunder and lightening with rain in these parts and it’s so relaxing to be able to listen.

It’s amazing that I can hear it and I bet you are wondering why I’m in the dark listening to the thunder roll.  I’ll tell you why I live in a house with 8 children running around and during the day I work as a PE teacher in a middle school teaching girls.  There is almost never a quiet moment in my  life unless I steal away some where and in this house there is no place to steal away to.

I’ve decided this year to do more for myself since realizing last Saturday it’s easy for people to leave their children with me (including my husband) and do what pleases them.  While they are at their leisure I’m telling children to stop that, go here, quit yelling or asking what happened.  Last Saturday was the end of that period in my life.

I have on purpose made a schedule of things to do for me such as: taking long walks, going shopping, to bible studies or just sitting up by myself at night listening to the quiet, the settling of the house, the pitter patter of rain drops, the snoring of my husband or even to some deep soul stirring music.

I must say I’m going to enjoy finding things to do for me in this new chapter of my life! Fifty is around the corner and I’m ready to find me again.  Now back to listening to the sound of the raining hitting my window panes.


One thought on “Listening to the Rain and Other Things

  1. Yes!!! Love it Lorinda!!! Do you Boo!!! LOL!! Live, Love, and Laugh. Enjoy life, you get one do here (earth) until that Great Day!! But while we are here waiting, I see nothing wrong with enjoying life. Happy for you my Sister-friend. #kudos

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