I walked into work today the wind was blowing, the air was light as it blew caressing my body I wanted to get in my car and go back home. In the moment I decided that I wanted freedom from others demands on my life.

I read today on yahoo that a 40 hour work week is not the norm any longer. No, our employers are requiring more of our time which leads to less time spent with family, loved ones and friends. This week alone I was required to attended available event that lasted 2 hours after my work day should have ended, there are meetings and clinics to attended At least one to two days after my work week. Too much required time away from home.

So today as I flet that breeze I imagined myself on my patio with my bible, a cup of coffee and no time constraints on my life.  I have a few years until retirement and while others say they are bored and want to come back to work, I’m ready to be free! Free to travel, to exercise, eat right and volunteer in a community event.

I’m jealous of my husband who is self employed doing what he loves and looks relaxed. I keep telling him I’m coming to work for him. He laughs at me, but i realize his time is his own and I long to have that time also.

I’m ready for a new chapter in life and  hopefully my opportunity will come quickly withall my needs met. Be blessed!


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