weight gain and midlife craziness


Midlife and weight gain

Ok I’ve been trying to get this together now for a couple of years and this year has to be the year for change. At 30 something I found the fountain of youth when it came to my health and I drank it in and made such a significant change that when I walked back into my faculty meeting nobody recognized me. I looked so good everyone in the school came to me with paper and pencil and wanted to know exactly what I did to accomplish the metamorphosis. It was a simple answer simple answer I cut out bad carbs and introduce the good ones and kept the weight off for a good 6 years. Everyone who followed my example lost a good deal of weight and was feeling good too. My entire family was looking like the athletes were back in the day, especially my husband and I; our children already looked like the athletes we brought them up to be.

Then a lifestyle change happened, we started doing foster care and hanging out with our friends who didn’t practice our low carb, good carb eating habits. My weight started going up for Three reasons, number one my friend would bake this double chocolate mountain cake, fried chicken, gravy and rice, rich banana pudding , oh well let me just say plain old mouthwatering soul food. We ate there every Sunday and I just lost all discipline, on holidays we took home mounds of calorie delicious food along with 15 pounds I’m sure with in the first two months. Add to that foster care, we were feeding more than just ourselves and to make sure we had enough and didn’t spend much our process food consumption increased exponentially. Let’s not forget fast food eating, we began to eat more McDonald’s meals. The third reason my fast foot eating increased was because I began working at a school without a cafeteria and the only eating establishment near us was McDonalds, Sonic, etc., etc.

So move ahead and within five years I had gained back the weight I lost and more, coupled with a blood clot and not being able to move, menopause, coaching and foster care, I was left behind. I totally forgot about taking care of me and when I tried something would always divert or thwart my good intentions. It’s been about 9 years now since my success story and I am well over the weight I started at, shoot I’ve reached a number on the scale that I never thought I would see in my life. Don’t get me wrong I’m not depressed, I just know I have to make a lifestyle change.
How do you change your lifestyle? I think I need to find a way to be consistent that’s my first and major issue in life, but how do you implement consistency into your life, do I get a partner who makes me accountable? That could be a start. How about journaling every night, I’ve tried it and have failed but maybe this time I can journal what made me miss a day. Hmm, that sounds like a good idea also. Finally I must have a work out plan that is adjustable and to make sure I write down every time I decided to overeat on baked delicious sweets.
I’m going to make this journey and I will blog to keep myself consistent, so you all have just become my accountability partners. I may post before, during and after pictures and when I’ve accomplished my task you all can send me kudo’s!


2 thoughts on “weight gain and midlife craziness

  1. U can do it!!!I love the blog it was well written and I’m not a reader but it kept my eyes planted for more to read. Great job! I think it’s a great idea!


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