The Quest for Weight Loss


So I said I was going to include my readers on this journey of midlife weight loss so today after seeing all the encouraging comments I’ll let you know what I’ve accomplished so far.

The first thing I’ve realized it’s that I love myself even in the weight category and BMI rank I’m listed as. I think this is a step in the right direction because who can reach a goal if they are full of self hate? You have to love yourself to improve yourself or redesign you. This morning I had a doctor’s appointment so I got up and put on a cute outfit and went to find out my lab results. When they weighed me I didn’t fret over what the scale said I just let it be what it was. I found out I’ve actually improved in areas that I’ve been deficient in for the past 6 years. So it seems to me that I have been loving me when it comes to my kidneys, blood cells and B12 levels.

Tomorrow I’ll be doing more vegetables and fruit with lean meats. I’m going to go walking if and only if the mosquitos aren’t trying to eat me alive after this rain cycle we’ve been in lately. If I can’t get outside I’ll either use the elliptical or T25, but I’m going to do something. I’m working on getting in at least three days this week of cardio. If I don’t accomplish it I’ll be honest and let you all know.

Somehow I believe that I’m going to this just because I love me and I know I have friends cheering me on!

2 thoughts on “The Quest for Weight Loss

  1. I’m still on this journey, waiting to having a regulated thyroid that will allow my weight to drop to my normal weight. I’m lifting weights now and walking 2 miles a day. I can do things physically I couldn’t do 3 yrs ago. Just keep moving.

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  2. 4 years later I’m down 20lbs. The hypothyroid monster had me on lockdown but I found a way to fight it. I actually lost 43lbs, but the Holidays whipped my behind. Stress and life are too kind either. But I will persevere, I’m going in for round two this summer. I have a goal to reach and I’m going in it to win it. Be blessed!

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