I’m Afraid to Eat

The weight loss expedition, what can I say…of it’s been a total roller coaster ride. One minute I’m up the next minute I’m down. Well for me it’s been mostly up!

I’ve tried several things and still no viable, identifiable or tangible results that I can actually see. Thanks to my daughter, I get a workout in at least 5 days a week. We go upstairs to the room above my garage and complete cardio on either the exercise bike or the elliptical machine. I sweat like I’m standing in a shower, cry out to Jesus for help and make my way through it. Yesterday she took me on a 5 mile power walk in the hottest part of the day. Now mind you when she said 5 mile walk I was like yeah lets get it and man we were getting it tough until we hit the half way mark and had to head home. I thought I was going to pass out, I told her to go on with out me and come back with the car to pick me up. She just kept on walking and saying come on mama you can make it and my 19 year old god-daughter was behind me telling me the same thing. We made it home and neither of us could move for about 20 minutes.

I’ve also lifted weights, done over 1000 sit ups, mule kicks, adductor and abductor leg lifts, 200 seconds of planks and that stupid scale goes down and then back up.

So the only other thing I can think to do is eat right, well I do that already. No sodas, no candy or sweets, well I do eat at least one sweet a day, not a big portion but a taste, that way I won’t binge on the things I desire the most which is baked, delicious sweets, especially my neighbors  DKC TUFFEE Tea Cakes! I’ve banned them from my house I will eat the entire box, if you would like to try some I’ll give you her number and you can order some for yourself (SMILE).

This morning I was afraid to eat anything for breakfast, I guess one egg would have been good with about 10 grapes and a piece of toast. Maybe I’ll do a brunch like this since I’m on my Summer Vacation from teaching.

I’m still afraid to eat, hypothyroidism and menopause working together is a beast!!! Although, this beast will not conquer me I will conquer it! Onward and downward (representing the number of the scale here), I will be victorious one way or another!!

Maybe my next blog will be I’ve lost 5 inches around the middle and dropped 10 pounds! YESSSS!


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