I’m Divorcing Coffee

I’m thinking of divorcing coffee, I know, I know this is such a drastic step,it sounds so harsh!  What will my fellow coffee drinkers think of me? How will my morning fog be dissipated? What about all those lovely coffee mugs; are you going to only use those for water? I have answers for all of those questions! 🙂

To all of my fellow coffee drinkers I will still sip with you it may not be coffee instead I’m thinking of moving to the habits of those across the pond ace becoming tea connoiseur. it will benefit me in decreasing calorie consumption because I will no longer have need or rich creamer to flavor my coffee. This will aid in my weight loss struggles and the caffeine won’t interfere with my thyroid medication.

Certain teas I’ve heard can aid in weight loss and has enougCaffeine to regulate brain fog without causing menopausal hot flashes (a huge bonus for me). I will also be able to use my wonderful mugs to drink tea and on occasion I will still sip coffee. Especially on those cold winter mornings which a few and far between in Houston!

My separation date will begin next week hopefully I’ll be regulated before my student walk through the school doors in two weeks. Pray for me and them that is a smooth transition!


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