Hotflash Special


I woke up every night at 3 am, I spent the first half throwing my covers off  and pulling them back on. Something had to give, I was calling students the wrong name, forgetting what I was suppose to be doing from one minute to the next.  How was I supposed to be an effective teacher, mom and wife, with all of this going on. I needed a quick fix that was going to be all natural, or so I thought.

Since I wanted to find the answer to all this hormonal discombobulation I was going through I went straight to the internet, because you can find everything you need on the internet, right.  I heard of everything, black co-hash, evening primrose oil, etc, etc.  I was afraid to take certain things because of my predisposition to getting blood clots having come close death once was enough for me. I found a rather cool combination of sage and raspberry tea and thought I would give that a try first. In my search of Sage tea I hit a roadblock, dead-end, just couldn’t find it anywhere in the stores.  So I went back to my favorite place to shop online and found a tea, called Cooling Tea, for menopausal women.  Woo-Hoo, I found it, I immediately ordered two boxes.

The day the tea came in I made a cup of tea, I was desperate, I was tired of dripping with sweat, while taking attendance and while sitting still, with a portable fan facing me to stop the sweats.  After drinking the tea twice daily for two weeks, I started to feel better.  The sweating let up although it was still there I didn’t have to change my shirts two times a day.

I went in for a visit to my doctor and she told me I needed to raise my testosterone levels, when I heard this I  immediately thought of beards, hairy legs and arms and a very deep voice.  She assured me that I would be okay, she recommended a pellet, and I was like nooo, let me take the cream.  Even if the cream was more expensive I didn’t want a pellet injected into my body, who has ever heard of such a thing.  So I finally got the cream and did my daily dosage twice and day and waited to see the results.

After taking the cream working out became a whole lot easier, I was on the elliptical for 30 minutes and swore I put in the wrong time, my daughter assured me it was 30 minutes. I was happier and a little less stressed. It was wonderful, but then I would forget to put it on and before you know it I stopped taking it.  When it comes to medications I’m not the most disciplined person.  Heck once my schedule is thrown off I forget to take anything, even drinking water like I’m supposed to.

So it was time for my check up and to see how my testosterone levels looked along with my thyroid being nonfunctional. My doctor asked me how my testosterone treatment was going and I told her great when I remembered it.  Then I told her I’ll just go ahead and take the pellets, I knew the testosterone was an issue, so why not try this new (at least for me) BioTE option that was available.

I scheduled my appointment and this time I kept it the first time I chickened out and cancelled it.  This time I was brave and went through with it.  It was a simple process, they deaden the area the pellet would be inserted and then there was a small cut and the pellet was injected in to my hip.  I committed to the process and waited to see the results.  I had to go in for  my blood work follow up and they asked me a series of questions of how  I was feeling.  Night sweats, hot flashes, depression, sexual desire, dryness ( you ladies know what I mean), sleepless nights all my answers were a resounding NO! My doctor was happy I was happy, I found my cure, thank the Lord.  I even had a greater desire for “hoo ha”, my husband was in awe, he wanted to get the pellets also. By the way they also  have them for men.

So I’m now sold out for the BioTE testosterone pellets, I make sure I tell other women, you can do the research on the product, some studies are scary, but I’m doing just fine. Every three months I go back in for my refill, I won’t wait past that time because once it wears off I have to wait three weeks for the positive effects  to take place. Yes it’s new, but if it works I’m going for it, no other solutions, Midlife Solution has been found.



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