SouthernQ BBQ You’ve Got To Give it a Try

I heard about this cozy little restaurant during a teachers in service. The principal who was residing over the meeting gave a raving review of their Bar-B-Q, so I decided to give it a try. The place is located around the block from my house and I’ve driven by it several times but never thought to stop in.

First things first the customer service is absolutely wonderful, they are friendly, warm and efficient. You won’t wait long to be served and if you call your order in it’s gonna be ready when you get there.  I’ve been there several times and I’ve always been treated kindly and quickly.   They remember their returners and make sure they let you know they recognize you, just like you are part of their family.  It’s always service with a smile.  They are located at the following address:

16540 Kuykendahl RD F, Houston, TX 77068




The atmosphere is cozy and warm, the music is a mixture of blues and R&B at least while I was there. Every time I go in i get lost in the sound of the music and the smell of savory food being prepared.

My first order was the what they call the Big P0ppa a fully loaded baked potato topped with a choice of three meats. Which could be homemade sausage, chopped beef and a rib. My husband chose the three meat plate with a side of potato salad and coleslaw.

The Big Poppa was delicious, the brisket was tender, melt in your mouth with a smoked flavor that was marvelous. The homemade sausage was also great to taste and the meat fell from the bone. I’d go back a buy another one of them again.

My husbands plate was great also, his dad was a master Bar-B-Q chef, his meat was always tender and moist and smoked to perfection. So if my husband said the plate was the bomb then it’s the bomb. He also enjoyed his sides of coleslaw and potato salad.

My sister and I tried their smoked boudin and it was delicious also. Spicy but not so hot that you couldn’t taste the many herbs and spices dance across your toungue.

If you’re looking for some UM-MM good Bar-B-Q Give Southern Q  a taste, you won’t be disappointed.

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