Je Suis Prest




It was great going back to Scotland; Paris was a great place to be and the costumes and fashion were extraordinary but by far the essence of Scotland is beyond breathtaking. Even Jamie and Claire seem to thrive more in Scotland than they did in Paris.maxresdefault

Jamie being back home allows us to see the Jamie we have read about in the book. He is in charge and he know’s it, he is walking into his purpose his calling which is the”King of men” he is becoming the Laird he was me ant to be. He will not be told what to do but he is in authority.14

Reunion: Fergus is happy to see Claire and Jamie as they arrive at camp. When Fergus sees them he runs to Claire and embraces her, she is the mother he never knew and she is very protective of him. Angus was walking quickly to get to Claire so he could kiss her, he even rinsed his mouth out with whiskey so he could give her the welcome home kiss to match the good bye kiss. Claire is quick on her feet and grabs Angus for a cheek kiss. I thought Rupert was going to be gentle as he was when he told her goodbye, but even he is excited to see Claire again and gives her a giant bear hug. Makes you smile thinking about the #HighlanderReunion.

I forgot about one Person Dougal, he just gave Jamie the quick blow off in his greeting. Just your looking good for what you’ve been through. Really!? then he’s off to hug Claire. Jamie’s look after the blow off is I feel much better.
I think Dougal thinks it’s going to be business as usual boy does he have a surprise coming up later.IMG_20160604_212436

Murtagh reminds me of Louis Gosset Jr. playing the drill Sargent in An Officer and a Gentleman. All the men need to do together is march and they can’t do that together. It has to stay at the basics before they can move on to the weapons. Murtagh is frustrated with this lot they can’t even start and stop together now do an about face without looking out of sync.

When they train the men in the basics of battle Jamie and Murtagh go about it with skill and finesse, but Duogal is all brawn and just go crazy and kill them. That’s not the tatics of hand to hand combat and they must be able to shoot and unload quickly.Outlander-Season-2-Episode-9-27-aacf

Claire is beginning to have flashbacks that isn’t anywhere in the books, but I guess anybody that’s been in combat would have some form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It resurfaces when she thinks Fergus is in trouble, although they were only playing she’s remind of two young US soldiers. I like how even though Jamie is responsible for an group of men preparing for battle, he recognizes Claire is in some kind of distress even though she won’t tell him. Murtagh notice’s it also, these highlander men pay attention to those who are around them and those that they love and care for.

She even gets on to Angus about trench foot, she cussed him out. I think she was actually angry with herself over the loss of those two young men. I’m glad Angus has tough skin, he’s shocked but then he yells back to her that he heard her after she storms out. Claire is really out of sync.hqdefault

Jamie’s speech to the men was great, he finally got them to start seeing the danger and the purpose of working so hard and here comes Dougal, wanting to do it the old fashioned way, like they are on a cattle raid, but that isn’t going to work this time around, it’s going to take skill and know how and you’re going to have to be able to shoot a gun. Jamie has insight into what caused them to lose in the battle of Culloden and he wants to save his men and win this war. After he’s finished telling Dougal he’s only tolerated him this long is because you are my uncle. If he doesn’t like it he take his men and leave. This is Clan Fraser and I’m running things here “The King of Men” is back.209itwo_2560x1440

Wow those gun shots looked like the were going through Claire. I thought she was going to pass out before she could make it to those carts. I think everyone else was so focused on training but they didn’t see her, but ever watchful Jamie sees her. After she comes out of the panic attack Jamie is right there helping her willing to send her back to Lolly Broch so she can be safe. That was so sweet, but you know Claire she always needs to be in the thick of things, not a Dragon Fly stuck in amber. She basically doesn’t want to be found doing nothing to help the cause and to save the men just as Jamie does.5maxresdefault (1)

I turned away when that man recieved strikes for not protecting the camp. I guess you have to prove your point and let the men know you mean business. That’s a lesson learned.

Outlander Season 2 2016
9/ sc 40 int Fraser camp William Grey is captured by Jamie, he reveals camps whereabout


One of the moments we’ve all been waiting for: Lord John Gray showed up, it was a different setting than what was in the book, but it worked out well. Hearing his arm break I was like Oh that had to hurt. Lord John is very cavalier and easily gives up the information when he believes he is saving an English women from a barbaric “Red Jamie” I haven’t heard that name in a while. Jamie slipped right into character, I thought he was going to burn him with that red hot poker. Thank God for Claire showing up when she did and that act saved LJG and it caused him to give up the location of the other camp.3

Jamie is really a leader he takes lashes because he too wasn’t on good watch and let LJG into camp, it showed that he wasn’t above punishment. Then he told Dougal has to stay and watch the camp, because his men were on duty when LJG snook into their camp. He took the other men on the raid. That was a great idea I believe Dougal would have tried to kill the British Army and they aren’t ready for battle yet.So the boys get to have some fun and that they did disarming the entire camp.

It was nice to see him excited and wanting to smooch with Claire. It was better to see the smile on his face which was there because he got to let his men work as and team and to show them they are capable to work as whole rather than individuals. I like how he came up with the word Commando, I guess he picked up from Claire but he looked rather shocked that he knew the word. Oh well all good things must come to an end it’s time to pack up and leave they must head out to meet up with “The Bonnie Prince Charlie”.samheughanasjamiefrasercaitrionabalfeasclairerandallfraser-episode209

He kind of makes up with Dougal by letting him go and tel the Prince they were there, but I also think he doesn’t want to deal with the Prince not just yet. He knows he’s a dangerous man and that he has to be prepared to talk to him and Claire she knows this is an epic fail, but they can’t turn back now.Outlander Season 2 2016

What I’m looking for next week? I guess the battle of Prestopan, I know they win and I know it was bloody but they actually get a victory and some one else gets to participate also.

I give this episode a rating 4.5 kilts it was a great episode, we got to see the man JAMMF actually is and how he was actually trained to lead.


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