Sis…you can take that guilt trip by yourself

Confessions From a Red Couch

Hey Kids!!! I hope your Thanksgiving holiday was filled with family, love and good food. How was mine? Chile I slept, did laundry, cooked and found some amazing shows on Netflix. It was the most amazing rest time I have had in a while. For the first time since I have been teaching I was able to enjoy a break without thinking about if my athletes were eating right, if they were doing the workout, hoping they wouldn’t get hurt or if they were doing the holiday workout or just hoping they were doing the workout period.

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I got to let my mind rest and think about more important things in life (like burning the mountain high pile of laundry I told my fiance I would take care of over break)

Image result for grown up temper tantrum

So let’s talk about guilt trips. We all know that one grown person that acts like a two year…

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