Giving Freebies

I just saw a picture of a pencil and paper machine that used to be in schools. As I was responding to the post I realized something, that I think we have failed to understand.

As a child my parents weren’t rich, shoot at one point my mother who was the sole bread winner in our house hurt her back at work. She was working the floor alone that night as an LPN and had to move a 300lb patient alone.
She damaged her back and the VA hospital refused to say it was work related, but that’s another story.

Not once during her job hiatus, low pay replacement position did any teacher have to supply me or my siblings with school materials. It was our RESPONSIBILITY to provide our own supplies. Over 30 plus years later by the grace of God am still been able to provide for myself without excuse.

This leads me to the point of my story, which is; are we really helping our students and parents by providing them with materials that are your basic everyday school needs?

When they become adults or let’s just stick with high school or college students they will still be looking for handouts.

Let’s start teaching our students what real responsibility is. If their parents are able to purchase them, Van’s, Aidias, Filas (yes they’re trending again), Jordans, Nike Airforce, etc, etc. They are able to purchase school supplies. As for those who are really struggling we will know and teachers will be lined up to help out in anyway they can.

I said all that to say bring back the pencil and paper machines or open up a supply store at school. Let’s teach our students to be able to catch the fish, not just supply them with fish. Then as the mature they will become productive citizens in the good old USA.

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